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Professor Henrik Williams - Runology

Professor Henrik Williams, from Uppsala University, is primarily a philologist, teaching and doing research in runology, Old Swedish, and Old Icelandic.  He has catalogued and coordinated more than 7000 runic inscription translations which are housed at the Uppsala University Runic Forum and Database.  His presentation will prove to be of great interest to our members, as well as our guests.

Event Date Saturday, 07 April 2018
Event End Date Saturday, 07 April 2018
Cut off date Monday, 02 April 2018
Individual Price 27.00

Dr. Jeni McDermott - Solving a Norwegian Geological Mystery

Dr. Jeni McDermott, originally from California, received her M.S. in hydrogeology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and her Ph.D. in geology at Arizona State University. She taught geology for two years at Colgate University in upstate New York before beginning at the University of St Thomas in 2013. Jeni's research interests lie in understanding how fluvial systems interact with and shape our world, both at the orogen scale through the interplay between surface processes, deformation, and tectonics, as well as at a smaller scale where surface water and groundwater dynamically interact with our human environment. This interest has drawn Jeni to Norway where she hopes to "read" the rivers to reveal what tectonic motions caused that country's mountainous terrain.

Event Date Saturday, 03 March 2018
Event End Date Saturday, 03 March 2018
Cut off date Monday, 26 February 2018
Individual Price 27.00

Gary Legwold - Lefse King

Gary Legwold is the author of the newly published Keep on Rolling! Life on the Lefse Trail and Learning to Get a Round (which was edited by our own Lakselaget member, Kathleen Weflen). Gary also wrote The Last Word on Lefse and The Last Word on Lutefisk. His fresh look at all things lefse invites readers to travel the Lefse Trail from Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon. His book includes interviews with lefse-making experts, recipes for nouveau lefse cuisine, inspiring stories of the lefse community, and a newly composed lefse song. Even if you've been rolling lefse for years, Gary's presentation will be sure to give you a few new tips as well as keep you entertained!

Event Date Saturday, 03 February 2018
Event End Date Saturday, 03 February 2018
Cut off date Monday, 29 January 2018
Individual Price 27.00

Jess Hirsch - Wooden Bowl Turning and Hard Carving

Jess Hirsch of Minneapolis, is an example of a woman who is swimming against the current. She received her MFA from the University of Minnesota in 2013 and is the recipient of the Jerome Emerging Artist Fellowship, the Artist on the Verge Fellowship, and the MN State Arts Board Grant Folk and Traditional Craft Grant just to name a few.  As a sculptor and craftsperson, she studied under Jim Sannerud to learn traditional bowl turning and hand carving techniques. 

Event Date Saturday, 06 January 2018
Event End Date Saturday, 06 January 2018
Cut off date Tuesday, 02 January 2018
Individual Price 27.00

Anja, Lori & Per- The Wish Books Family

Meet the creators of The Wish Books! The Christmas Wish, the first book in the series and a New York Times Best Seller, started with photos the family did with their then four-year old daughter, Anja, in Norway. Those photos evolved into a bestselling story book about Anja's magical quest to find Santa with help from a menagerie of Arctic animals. Since then they have published 4 additional books, and collaborated on a merchandise line of plush, puzzles and more. The first three books are optioned for live action movies.

The family will show a 20 minute multi-media presentation about how their book project evolved. It includes voiceovers from Per, Anja and Lori, many slides from Norway, the books and other related images, and videos. Afterwards, Anja will play violin and sing Norwegian folk songs.

Autograph books will be available to purchase, just in time for the holidays!  

Event Date Saturday, 02 December 2017
Event End Date Saturday, 02 December 2017
Cut off date Monday, 27 November 2017
Individual Price 27.00

Karen Weiberg and the Art of Skinnfell

Every culture has used animal skins for warmth, but Norwegians, since before the Viking times, have made Skinnfell: sheep skins that are sewn together while symbols are printed on the leather side.  Karen Weiberg traveled to Norway, with 7 other Midwesterners, to learn more about and make a skinnfell in June 2010. It is a textile and skill that is being revived, just in the nick of time, before it disappears completely. Karen's instructor spent time with an elderly skinnfell maker who traveled from farm to farm making skinnfells for families. Karen will share how she make her skinnfell, as well as Norwegian breeds of sheep, symbols of pagan times, and symbols of Christianity which are used in printing on the skinnfells.

Event Date Saturday, 04 November 2017
Event End Date Saturday, 04 November 2017
Cut off date Monday, 30 October 2017
Individual Price 27.00

Kai Robert Presents — A Musical Taste of Østfold, Norway
Trumpeter Kai Robert Johansen, from Østfold County; vocalist Jannicke Heian Frølandshagen from Råde; and pianist Hilde Everløff Andersen from Moss. 

Kai Robert has been performing for more than 45 years and is the Midwest’s most beloved Norwegian trumpeter. He has performed on radio and TV, not only in Norway, but throughout Europe and the United States. He will be joined by vocalist Jannicke Heian Frølandshagen, who has performed in a variety of theatrical and musical productions including: cabaret-style revues, humorous vignettes based on real life, and theater productions depicting historical events. This is her U.S.A. debut. Hilde Everløff Andersen is a musician and conductor for several choirs in Østfold. She is not only a masterful conductor, but an exquisite entertainer and pianist in her own right. This is her second trip to the Midwest. 

Bring your friends! This promises to be a very entertaining kickoff to our 2017-2018 season!

Event Date Saturday, 07 October 2017
Event End Date Saturday, 07 October 2017
Cut off date Monday, 02 October 2017
Individual Price 27.00
Event Date Thursday, 14 September 2017
Event End Date Friday, 31 August 2018
Cut off date Friday, 31 August 2018
Individual Price 41.00

Alice O'Brien grew up on Summit Avenue in Saint Paul.  The daughter of a wealthy family, she had no need to work, let alone go to war - yet in WWI, she joined hundreds of other women who served as nurses, clerks, drivers and canteen workers in war-torn France.  Her letters home "full of breezy gossip and telling detail" were edited and published by her grandniece Nancy O'Brien Wagner.  Ms. Wagner is co-founder of Bluestem Heritage, LLC, which does research, program development, interpretive planning, and project management for historical organizations. (source: Minnesota Historical Society)



Event Date Saturday, 06 May 2017
Event End Date Saturday, 06 May 2017
Cut off date Monday, 01 May 2017
Individual Price 27.00

Who knew learning Norwegian as a Forestry major would ever be useful to a Swede destined for a career as a cop? Not fellow Lakselaget member Jane Laurence. But as fate would have it, things came together magically. On topics from hostage negotiation to homicide investigation to intelligence analysis for the RNC, her interest and esteem for Nordic culture and methods led to exchanges of knowledge and tactics (in both directions) between Minnesota and Norwegian police for many years. Any career can be invigorated and enriched by sharing experiences with colleagues in other cultures. Jane hopes her presentation will inspire you to reach out and make a connection with a Nordic counterpart!

Event Date Saturday, 01 April 2017
Event End Date Saturday, 01 April 2017
Cut off date Monday, 27 March 2017
Individual Price 27.00

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