Laura Fingerson

Laura Fingerson, former Lakselaget board member (President, VP, Treasurer), loves travel, adventure, and endurance challenges.   In 2018, the challenge was the 19,341' peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa and, admittedly, the "easiest" of the seven summits (highest mountains on each continent).  She spent months preparing and training for the climb, almost entirely in the 830' elevation of the Twin Cities, having never climbed a mountain before.  The climb was definitely not "easy," but it was an amazing challenge with highs and lows, with the biggest high of all standing at the top of the roof of Africa with the teammates and supporters that made it happen.  Laura has a painting in her office of Mt. Kilimanjaro to remind her that even when we don't want to finish, and it is hard and painful and miserable, we can find it in ourselves and with our team to make it happen.  

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