Lakselaget holds monthly luncheons where members gather to network, share news, and take part in a traditional Norwegian meal of salmon, potatoes and cucumber salad. 

Lakselaget meets the first Saturday Plate with poached salmon, boiled potatoes and carrots, and cucumber saladof each month October through May (unless otherwise noted) to network, mentor, eat salmon, and receive information from a variety of noteworthy speakers. Topics range from the arts to health, to history, to sports, to heritage and beyond. Members gather to exchange greetings, network, and meet new friends. Wine and drinks are available for purchase. Only Members may register for luncheons and invite friends to join them.

Most organizations tend to develop traditions and customs over time. Lakselaget will too. In fact, we already have. Let’s look at a few. Remember, traditions evolve, so more will surely develop.

Luncheon Invitations

All members will receive notification of Lakselaget luncheons through e-mail. Just download the reservation form and mail it to address listed along with payment. Individuals who do not have e-mail will receive notification through the US Postal Service.


Members are welcome to bring guests to the luncheons.


Although special circumstances may prevent you from attending luncheons, numerous absences may show a lack of interest and your membership may not be renewed.

Event Announcements*

Anyone wishing to have an announcement at the meeting should email the President (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least two days prior to the Saturday meeting. The president will then add the announcement to the running slides.

Particularly urgent or special announcements may be made via email to all Lakselaget members at the president's discretion. This is also useful during the summer months when we do not meet.

In addition, members are encouraged to share announcements via Lakselaget's Facebook page (Lakselaget - Minnesota). Members can either post to Lakselaget's wall or send the announcement to the President (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for posting.

Just one request

We ask that no announcement be of a religious or political nature. Thank you.

*Note: Any member who wishes to be removed from the broadcast e-mail list should notify Lakselaget at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Promotional flyers and brochures

Feel free to bring brochures and flyers from your business or an event in which you are involved to our luncheons. You may put them on the table next to the registration table for your sister members to take. Please remove those that remain. Unclaimed materials will be thrown away. Again, flyers and brochures should not contain religious or political materials.

Membership Roster

The membership roster is password-protected and available to members only. It will help us become better acquainted, assist in networking, and allow us to promote each other’s businesses. Please understand that the roster is not to be used by members or anyone else for promotional purposes. It is a private listing and access is not to be given to a non-member.

Foundation Fund

Each year we will have a fund drive to raise additional money for stipends and scholarships, and ask that you contribute to the best of your ability.


We would like to share Lakselaget with as many young people as possible who are age 18 or older. We may find students who cannot afford the student $15 dues — or, perhaps, they can’t afford the cost of the luncheons. If members are able, we’d like you to step forward and volunteer to occasionally underwrite these students. If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, we will honor that.